• Need to be regularly checked & cleaned
  • Inspect for leaks, mold and other water damage
  • Safety

Common Gutter issues:

A sagging gutter can often damage your home’s fascia and pose a serious safety risk.
Poor drainage can create problems for your driveway and damage your foundation.
Water damage can cause the timber in your roof to rot and weaken which is a safety concern.

Some internal concerns for your home are water can find its way and reach other areas of your home, causing damage to wood and even leading to harmful mold.

Water is one of the strongest destructive forces given enough time. Even a small drip over time can cut through rock as sure as a blade.

Gutters and spouting can create all kinds of problems stretching from annoying overflows to structural damage to your home. Legacy Builders Rhode Island has seen gutters create catastrophic events such as falling on power lines or cars. The damage in these instances can be extreme.

A buildup of debris is an obvious sign your gutters and spouts need a little tender love and care. Though small themselves, moss, leaves, twigs, and other items can block the flow of water. Another safety concern is the hazard of fire in dry weather.

It’s a good idea to check during a downpour and investigate how well they are working.

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