Vinyl flooring install

Spring forward with New flooring.

A new floor makes a house feel new! While it may not be the most important thing, the quality of life can be greatly increased in a space with a new floor install.

Vinyl flooring install Before picture
Vinyl flooring install Before picture
Spring Floor install
New vinyl flooring install

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It does not take long to begin a flooring project. A few measurements and some basic understanding of the conditions the floor will need to withstand are all that is needed for estimations. A floor install can take a couple of days to a week depending on the room. It is best to anticpate where the items that currently occupy the room might go in the mean time that is not too cumbersome on your day to day activities.

The Tools you might need are important to a flooring project. Another thing you will want to consider disposal of the old flooring when starting the project. This is why is is often cost effective to hire a general contractor for the small jobs you might want to pick up yourself. Consulting with Legacy Builders RI team is a good place to start. We will give you a better idea at the very least what we think.


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